Hi! I'm a French soon-to-be software engineer
with a penchant for web technologies.
I love object-oriented design and I use Java, Ruby
or Object Oriented PHP to quench my thirst
for creation and programming.
Please feel free to consult my projects or my resume with the links on top of this page.
Me in a suit

Hello, my name is Pierre Arlaud.

I'm currently studying Computer Science at TELECOM Nancy, which is the only first category IT engineering school in the Eastern France.

Having been developing on the Internet for the past ten years, I have seen the web evolve with the arrival of Web 2.0, social networks and cloud computing.

This evolution has kept motivating me to make the world more open and connected, and I'm looking forward to finding out what surprises the web still has in store for us, and to making my own contribution to this amazing and ever-evolving tool.

Also, I believe challenging myself and setting personal goals keeps me learning new skills. Although web development is a main interest of mine, I pursue other interests in my spare time because I believe in the importance of a life work balance.
Music is a particular passion. I have been playing the piano for more than ten years, and have recently indulged in learning the great organ. In addition to being personally fulfilling, working through sheet music and perfecting each part has made me meticulous and determined : qualities I believe to be assets in both a personal and professional context.

An internship abroad would help me achieve both my current goal to utilize my knowledge of the English language in a professional context, and my personal goal of foreign travel.

Me playing the organ


Criteria Quality
Description As part of my studies, I currently manage a team of 5 people for an industrial process engineering company called Processium. The goal of this industrial project is to rebuild a web collaborative application from scratch with a clean, well-documented and tested well-code for the client.
Technologies Ruby on Rails, ExtJS, MySQL.
Achievement Although this project is still in its early stages, I have already found my position as project manager both interesting and fulfilling.
Criteria Quality
Description Enhance your facebook experience with winker.fr ! A project I had with Alexandre Huckert and Redon Gjika, who currently attend leading business schools in France, which aimed to create links between people and help better connect the world.
Features Anonymously wink people of your last attended events, your friends list or your university campus. If this person winks you too, your identities will be revealed !
Project Date Current version released on Sept 20. 2011 (ended in July 2012).
Technologies OOP PHP 5, JS (including JQuery), HTML/CSS, Facebook API, Paypal API.
Recognition 2nd prize (out of 36) of Startup Weekend Lyon 2011.
Achievement Tight group deadlines required the completion of tasks in a day or less, testing my organization skills and ability to work under demanding time constraints : I had to have a number of features running on the website within a day.
My skillset most suited me to website creation, however it was my innovation which paved the way for the project's progression into a successful iPhone App; and in addition to providing key development and design input, I also maintained the App's server.
Criteria Quality
Description On Christmas Eve 2010, a university colleague Jan Keromnes and I invented a chess variant involving Fairy pieces. I expanded our concept into a playable game the next day, which Jan started building into a customizable chess game in Java. The pieces themselves were graphically designed by Guillaume Boulanger.
Features Build your own chess set from a range of pieces, play atomic chess, challenge you friends in hot seat or beat our powerful AI in this original and customizable chess game.
Project Date Beta released in November 2010.
Technologies This project was fully developed in Java.
Achievement Being my first Java project with more than 10.000 lines of code, this was a turning point in my love for object design (since it was fully designed with design patterns).
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